Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not a Commuter? Here's 40 Ways to Listen to Audiobooks Anyway

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Most people find a place for audiobooks in their lives when they're faced with the soul-crushing reality of the daily commute. However, even if you're not cooped up in your vehicle for an hour or more every day it's still very easy to get into audiobooks and see if it's something you like.

In the beginning of my affair with audiobooks I used to have a long commute so it was very nice that I could listen for long uninterrupted stretches of time. Nowadays however my commute is much shorter and since I have fallen in love with the audio format I found a few other ways I could get some audiobook time in during my day. I don't mind waiting in line at the store anymore – I just pop out my phone and there's an awesome book sounding in my ears. Those minutes pile up surprisingly quickly and before I know it I've read a whole book while doing other stuff that had to be done anyway. So, I decided to come up with a list that can help people improve their mood while doing the usual daily chores. Here's my favorite ways to listen to audiobooks - even if I'm not commuting:
  1. exercising
  2. making dinner
  3. doing dishes
  4. folding laundry
  5. baking cookies or anything really
  6. cleaning my house
  7. taking a shower/getting ready in the morning
  8. shopping for groceries
  9. filling up my car
  10. cleaning my yard
  11. shoveling snow
  12. gardening
  13. walking in the park/street
  14. watching the kids at the playground
  15. grooming the dog
  16. playing with my cat
  17. riding the bus
  18. walking to class/work
  19. going for Sunday afternoon drives
  20. crafting
  21. clipping coupons
  22. waiting for a meeting to begin
  23. eating lunch at work
  24. driving to and from places in town
  25. doing data entry work
  26. waiting for a friend to show up
  27. waiting at the dentist’s office
  28. standing in line at the post office
  29. picking up coffee at the drive through
  30. sitting by a fire & roasting marshmallows
  31. looking around a museum
  32. window shopping downtown
  33. trying on clothes
  34. getting a massage
  35. traveling
  36. creating a painting
  37. fishing
  38. wrapping gifts
  39. browsing Pinterest
  40. taking cool pictures for Instagram

I’d love to hear what you guys like to do while listening to audiobooks. What would you like to try from this list? Did I miss anything?

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